28th April 2020

I finally gave in and filled in a - how is your child responding to Covid - questionnaire. I've been avoiding them because of my scepticism about the motivation to get them out there and also because I don't think it will make a shred of difference as to what is offered to families who … Continue reading 28th April 2020

23rd April 2020

I'm sitting here eating toast and drinking tea. Tea isn't unusual. I drink an awful lot of (decaf) tea, with many many cups being drunk in the evening. The toast is a little more unusual. It is my go to middle-of-the-night snack. You know the thing I mean. You wake up and all the things … Continue reading 23rd April 2020

Ordinary Extraordinariness

There really shouldn't be something that is both ordinary and extraordinary given the definition of extraordinary. However, if you ignore the synonym exceptional and think about other synonyms, we can definitely have amazing and astonishing things that are ordinary. Richard Dawkins in Unweaving the Rainbow invites us to experience this and I think this is easy … Continue reading Ordinary Extraordinariness